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Knotwood™ are the UK leaders in decorative aluminium timber grain products and finishes, unmatched in colour range and quality.

What We Do?

Knotwood™ aluminium systems that look like wood have been created for simple installation, minimal maintenance and superior aesthetics. The Knotwood™ range includes aluminium Fences, Gates, Privacy Screens, Decking, Louvres, Shutters, Balustrades, Soffits and Fascia Infill’s, Window Shade Awnings and more.
Timber looks beautiful around the home and adds natural warmth to any room. However, the reality is that there are many factors working against using timber in buildings, causing it to age prematurely and become expensive for the home owner. Exposure to sunlight fades the colour of the wood grain, regular staining becomes costly and time-consuming, and splitting and rotting are inevitable.
It is a paint in powder form which is electrically charged as it is sprayed onto a surface to be coated and then baked in an oven, where the powder particles melt and fuse into a smooth coating. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality environmentally safe and attractive finish.