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Quality Tests – Made to last

Knotwood’s finishes adheres to strict product standards, Exceeding American Architectural Manufactures Association standards AAMA2604-05, AS3715, Australian Metal Finishing Standard AS3715, Qualideco and Qualicoat approved, acknowledged by the European Laboratory and Research Organization.

Knotwood coatings are specially designed for the architectural and construction industry, and have been proven over a 20 year lifespan. This product is based upon high performance TGIC-free polyester technology, and has proven to give outstanding exterior durability on buildings around the world. They are ideal for all buildings where optimum architectural, aesthetic, technical and economic performance is required.

Backed by an extended exterior guarantee: 20 years Film Integrity and 15 years Colour – covering the key aspects of coating performance such as colour and gloss stability, cracking, checking and chalking when applied by approved applicators.

Knotwood coatings rise to the highest conceivable standard of performance excellence and design innovation. Our quality control regimen includes the following procedures:

Durability test by accelerated aging (Xenon test) according to UNI EN ISO 11341 of the sublimated product to the aluminium profile (phosphor-chromate) painted with Qualicoat approved powder.

  • Colorimetric coordinates (CIE-LAB) and gloss after 1000 hours of exposure (/E) with intermediate checks every 200-250 hours.
  • Contrast between exposed area and the reference sample, evaluation grey scale (ISO 105 A-02).
  • Visual appearance after 1000 hours exposure.
  • Brightness, adherence, thickness and hardness valuation
  • Bowing test, embossing test, accelerated corrosion test, impact resistance
  • Boiling water resistance testing, lime resistance testing, condensed water resistance testing
  • Milling, slicing, drilling, cutting, flaring analyses